The holidays are upon us and even the today’s solopreneur can cash in and with special offers and discounts that will attract new customers and make your current clients love your business even more.

Your potential customers are most likely hitting the Internet pretty hard right now trying to find unique gifts for family and friends. In order to grab their attention, you’ll need to use creative and unique promotion strategies to make your products and services standout. Here are five ways to help you bring in more profit this holiday season, even if your business consists of just you:

Create a special holiday promotions page. Even though the items you will sell on this page may be outrageously inexpensive, you should still go all out when you create it as if you are promoting your most expensive products or services. Install a free plugin like the free Holiday Decorations plugin to add some holiday cheer to your blog. Make the promotions page eye-catching and fun! If you don’t take the time to make it stand out, you may not get the page views and it may not seem worth it to your visitors to check it out.  The folks over at The Modern Entrepreneur have created an awesome advent-style promotions calendar that allows you to easily set up an advent calendar style page in any month with daily offers to grow your email marketing list.

Implement a deadline on the special sale prices and stick to it. Create a feeling of urgency by making the sales “time sensitive”, for example – “this price only available until 5 PM on cyber Monday”. Consider installing a plugin like the Expiring Content plugin . Set up the plugin to activate the promotion at a specific time and automatically end at a specific time. Completely hands free. You could also send a special note to the loyal subscribers you already have with a holiday discount code that’s only active for a limited time. Let them know that the code they are receiving has only been made available to them as loyal subscribers. This will make them feel special and could influence their buying decision.

Make the sales promotions seem too good to be true. Create a special code for your products that make the prices too good to pass up. This will be easy if most of your products are in digital format. You shouldn’t feel as though you are losing money because you’ve spent all the money you plan to spend to create these digital products.

Touch their emotions. Use words they can relate to that describes issues they may be dealing with during this time of year. Let them know you understand how hectic their lives must be right now. If you’re not specifically offering gifts they can purchase for others, consider promoting your products and services as gifts they can purchase for themselves. Is there a way you can offer your product as part of some type of “new year – new you” promotion? This will appeal to their sense of self improvement and the low price will make them feel good about making the purchase.

Connect your holiday promotion to a charity. This time of year lots of folks are looking for nice charity to support. Choose a charity that’s non-political and is widely known to be helpful to others. The better you know your target market, the easier it will be to identify a charity they will be most interested in donating to.

So, a time sensitive, too-good-to-be-true offer that also supports a worthwhile charity could attract serious buyers and customers and help you, the solopreneur, cash in this holiday season.

Which of these tips do you plan to implement this holiday season? Share your comments below.

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