As a solopreneur, I’m sure there have been times when you wish you had the support of an entire sales and marketing team who would be able to communicate regularly with your prospects to guide them in making the decision to buy. Solopreneurs are often forced to wear several different “hats” just to keep their business running smoothly, especially when just starting out.  Luckily, there are systems and processes you can put into place to help keep your products and services fresh in your prospects minds. These systems could increase your profits greatly and allow you to do it all hands-free. It just takes a bit of planning on your part.

The most important tool for this task will be a good quality autoresponder. Your email marketing service (MailChimp, aWeber, etc.) can offer you auto responders and help you get them set up. The main function of the autoresponder is to engage your potential customers and clients and draw them into your sales funnel.

The average autoresponder series consists of a minimum of three messages. Add a subscriber box to all pages of your website for best results. Be sure to clearly identify what they will receive in exchange for their precious email address. It could be a subscription to your weekly newsletter or weekly tips on productivity or whatever your specialty is. In addition, you will have better luck obtaining subscribers if you also offer a special incentive for signing up. This could be a free e-book, an eCourse or a simple checklist. There are lots of options for incentives. Just make sure the incentive is something that will be relevant and useful to your subscribers. If you have taken the time to research your target market, you shouldn’t have any problem creating something. When they are added to your subscriber list, the autoresponder series you created will be triggered. Each of the email messages in the series should have a clearly identified call to action (CTA) that pushes them closer and closer to making a purchase from you.

You craft the autoresponder messages once and if done correctly, they could bring in continuous profits even when your business is closed. Both MailChimp and aWeber are well known email marketing providers and both offer reasonably priced autoresponder services with your pro package plans. If you need to outsource this task, you should have no problem finding VA’s who are familiar with either of these services and will be able to help you if needed.

Before you decide how many emails you’d like to include in your series, you need to clearly identify the goal of the series and decide exactly what content you plan to share. As I said above, you could create a 5 to 7 day eCourse by repurposing a few of your most popular blog posts. These posts will provide important information to your subscribers and should be an easy upsell to similar products and services you offer.

Another option that could be incredibly valuable to your subscribers is a compilation of questions you receive most often from visitors. Increase your credibility by identifying questions that are popping up within your social networks that you can respond to. This data could prove to be invaluable and help you tremendously in building a compelling autoresponder series that your subscribers will actually look forward to reading. If you have their attention consistently it may not be long before they’ll make a purchase.

If you use a more sophisticated email marketing platform such as Infusionsoft or Ontraport, for example, you have the option of easily moving subscribers between autoresponder series based on various actions they’ve taken after reading the messages. This way they always receive messages with offers they are truly interested in and nothing more. This feature helps to make email marketing easy and almost completely automated.


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